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Provide engineering knowledge with over twenty years of experience

Petrotech Company is a specialist in project management and active in the fields of engineering and design, supply, installation and execution, testing and commissioning, repairs and maintenance, which started its professional activity in 1997 in the field of electricity and precision instruments. Automation systems, repairs, maintenance and operation and provision of services and technologies for inspection of pipelines in oil, gas and petrochemical projects, steel and mining industries and power plants.
This company has always tried to create a specialized scientific environment for the country's experts, to provide services of desirable quality to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, steel and mining industries, power plants, etc.
And have an effective role in the process of independence and industrial development of the country.

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Petrotech Company provides the most advanced inspection fleet for offshore and onshore pipelines in the field of inspection and data analysis services.


Petrotech Company, with the help of trained experts, is responsible for overhauling various types of gas and diesel engines. These overhauls are in the form of operational solutions based on the information collected from the inspection of the engine, conditions and duration of engine operation and other parameters.


Petrotech Company, with a correct understanding of the needs of its customers in the field of supply of main spare parts, by providing direct communication with companies, has provided the possibility of purchase of all spare parts and main equipment related to these engines.

Our Core Values


We are constantly investing in research and development to ensure that we provide first-class solutions to our customers.
The success rate of our first run is very high and we are proud of our accurate and timely reporting.
We are proud to have an impressive track record in repairing, inspecting and improving performance and protecting our customers' capital.


We believe local knowledge and communication is essential to our wide range of clients, so we invest heavily in our project management teams and engineers.
The Petrotech team focuses on safety culture first and foremost, and compliance with HSE is part of our requirements.
We nurture and empower our talented team who make us proud by delivering great results to our customers.


We are focused on achieving the highest level of industry standards.
We have a very dedicated team of people who respond to our customers 24 hours a day.
We will always provide a suitable solution for any challenge in the projects.

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Petrotech solutions; Technology + experience + innovation

During its activity, Petrotech Company, using its technical knowledge and experienced engineering team and appropriate investment in purchasing the required machinery and equipment, and relying on the high capabilities of its personnel, succeeded in creating a unique and industrial group in order to Has carried out specialized projects in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals and has gained a lot of experience in this industry during the successful implementation of projects in various sectors and by obtaining good work from various respected employers.
Therefore, by using the newest and most up-to-date machinery, equipment, hardware and software facilities, and experienced manpower, as well as communication with reputable companies around the world, it is able to provide design services, parts supply and execution of key projects to various industries.

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At PETROTECH, we offer a wide range of products and services to help global oil and gas operators ensure the safety, longevity, and performance of their assets. Customers rely on our technology, expertise, and experience, as well as our commitment to inspection, data quality, and integrity management. They trust our skilled team to tackle even the most complex projects safely.


Our goal is to prepare the pipeline industry for future fuels like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. We offer a roadmap with practical processes for integrating these energy sources into the grid, ensuring operators have innovative and sustainable solutions. With our extensive experience in transporting various media, we provide expertise in assessing pipeline integrity for the benefit of your grid.


Our customers in the process industry understand the crucial importance of plant safety and efficiency. That's why they turn to PETROTECH to optimize the integrity and availability of their critical assets, such as storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessels. Additionally, our innovative retrofit-ready PETROTECH EMAT Flowmeter offers precise and stable flow measurement for liquid, gas, steam, and multiphase applications, even in challenging conditions.


We have extended our pipeline inspection expertise to the steel mill, integrating inspection systems into the manufacturing process to assess hot steel plates and pipes as they are produced.

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