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Petrotech’s direct relationship with reputable European and American companies

Direct and unmediated cooperation with companies such as EMERSON, FAURE HERMAN COMPANY, ABB, SIEMENS, WARTSILA, Mitsubishi, Yokogawa
Direct communication with reputable companies

According to the special conditions of our country, the management needs of petrochemicals need to be provided in a centralized way and the items, equipment and services needed by them are quickly provided and available to the operators of the oil, gas and petrochemical fields without any problem or stoppage in the financial mechanism. be placed
For many years, Petrotech has been a pioneer in the field of meeting the needs of industrialists, and due to the advantages of having an office in the economic heart of Europe, namely Germany, it has established direct relationships with reputable European and American manufacturers and brands and has a successful track record in this field.

By establishing direct communication and concluding cooperation contracts with companies such as EMERSON, FAURE HERMAN COMPANY, ABB, SIEMENS, WARTSILA and special companies in the field of pipeline inspection, Petrotech is able to provide and meet all the needs of industrialists by guaranteeing the quality and guarantee of products.

Direct communication with reputable companies

Our experience in the field of direct trade without intermediaries with European companies allows our customers to purchase their equipment, systems, refineries, pipelines, etc. in the shortest possible time and by spending much less money than other companies. to fix

During its activity, Petrotech company succeeded in creating a group with unique features by using the technical knowledge and experience of an experienced engineering team and proper investment in the purchase of required machines and equipment and relying on the high capabilities of its personnel. and has become an industry in the direction of carrying out specialized projects in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals and has gained many experiences in this industry during the successful implementation of many projects in different sectors and by successfully completing many works from his respected employers.

The need to use superior technologies for the development of our country’s industry

Petrotech’s cooperation with Japanese companies is a big step for the ever-increasing progress of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Relying on its long-term history in international trade and market development, Petrotech has not been left behind by large Asian companies, and by concluding cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Yokogawa, a large part of domestic industrialists’ requests provides

Direct communication with reputable companies

The quality, efficiency and latest technology of Japanese companies have been famous for many years, and today this efficient equipment has come to the aid of the oil, gas and chemical industries, and by preventing any unfortunate accidents, it has increased the performance of energy production lines and efficiency. They are suitable and accurate according to the planning and demands of the industry owners.

In direct cooperation with Mitsubishi and Yokogawa companies, while guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of products and after-sales services, Petrotech provides products and equipment with the original warranty to its customers in the shortest possible time.

Due to conducting transactions without intermediaries, Petrotech has provided its customers with the possibility to prepare their orders at the most suitable rate possible and with a peace of mind.


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At PETROTECH, we offer a wide range of products and services to help global oil and gas operators ensure the safety, longevity, and performance of their assets. Customers rely on our technology, expertise, and experience, as well as our commitment to inspection, data quality, and integrity management. They trust our skilled team to tackle even the most complex projects safely.


Our goal is to prepare the pipeline industry for future fuels like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. We offer a roadmap with practical processes for integrating these energy sources into the grid, ensuring operators have innovative and sustainable solutions. With our extensive experience in transporting various media, we provide expertise in assessing pipeline integrity for the benefit of your grid.


Our customers in the process industry understand the crucial importance of plant safety and efficiency. That's why they turn to PETROTECH to optimize the integrity and availability of their critical assets, such as storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessels. Additionally, our innovative retrofit-ready PETROTECH EMAT Flowmeter offers precise and stable flow measurement for liquid, gas, steam, and multiphase applications, even in challenging conditions.


We have extended our pipeline inspection expertise to the steel mill, integrating inspection systems into the manufacturing process to assess hot steel plates and pipes as they are produced.

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