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To localize and track inspection or cleaning tools during their run, they are usually either equipped with an ITX Transmitter or with strong magnets. The signals of the ITX Transmitter or the magnetic fields can be received by an instrument outside the pipeline.
PETROTECH has developed a new generation of ATEX certified instruments – the Pig Detector.


  • Pig Detector available
  • Monochrome, non-reflcting graphics display
  • Keypad-operated hand-held unit
  • Able to detect extreme low frequency and magnet signals
  • Built-in GPS module (time/location)
  • Bluetooth interface
Pig Detector


PETROTECH’s EPD III device comes with a new ergonomic design, improved graphic display and extended detection capabilities. The electronic tool detector device is used in combination with a transmitter (ITX series), or magnetic signals from in-line inspection (ILI) tools or cleaning tools equipped with tracking magnets.


The EPD includes a hand-held unit, the antenna, an antenna cable for the connection, and the carrier for easy handling of the EPD.
It is part of our tool tracking and locating system. In addition to determining the precise location of a stationary tool, the device can be used for monitoring the passage of a tool.
A tool locating system is basically recommended for use with the following tool types/sorts:

  • Cleaning tools
  • Batch separation using tools
  • Smart tools
  • Leak-seeking tools.


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At PETROTECH, we offer a wide range of products and services to help global oil and gas operators ensure the safety, longevity, and performance of their assets. Customers rely on our technology, expertise, and experience, as well as our commitment to inspection, data quality, and integrity management. They trust our skilled team to tackle even the most complex projects safely.


Our goal is to prepare the pipeline industry for future fuels like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. We offer a roadmap with practical processes for integrating these energy sources into the grid, ensuring operators have innovative and sustainable solutions. With our extensive experience in transporting various media, we provide expertise in assessing pipeline integrity for the benefit of your grid.


Our customers in the process industry understand the crucial importance of plant safety and efficiency. That's why they turn to PETROTECH to optimize the integrity and availability of their critical assets, such as storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessels. Additionally, our innovative retrofit-ready PETROTECH EMAT Flowmeter offers precise and stable flow measurement for liquid, gas, steam, and multiphase applications, even in challenging conditions.


We have extended our pipeline inspection expertise to the steel mill, integrating inspection systems into the manufacturing process to assess hot steel plates and pipes as they are produced.

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