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Pipeline Crack Detection and Assessment

Cracks threaten pipeline integrity. But pipeline cracks are not all the same. A variety of crack types such as fatigue cracks and environmental cracking as well as crack locations – including in the pipe body and in the complex geometry of girth welds and seam welds – all pose risks to a pipeline’s efficiency and safety.
PETROTECH ‘s Pipeline Integrity Framework for Cracking encourages a holistic approach to pipeline cracking. Our Inspection services identify a wide variety of crack formations with a very small physical footprint. They also find crack-like features such as manufacturing flaws.
The framework would not be complete without our integrity group, which has unrivaled experience in identifying likely flaws, selecting crack inspection system combinations, interpreting in-line inspection data, providing assessments and managing threats.

Pipeline Crack Detection and Assessment


Every threat has its unique characteristics, and so does every pipeline. Approaching crack detection and assessment for pipelines with a “big picture” mindset is the most effective way to “take control of cracks.” The PETROTECH Company has created a Pipeline Integrity Framework for Cracking that is a consolidation of current industry best practices and the most advanced pipeline crack inspection solutions with the knowledge of subject-matter experts. It outlines all the key elements needed to develop a comprehensive and justifiable crack assessment and mitigation program. It is a systematic approach effective in addressing even the most challenging forms of cracking.

This approach does not rely on the most sophisticated technology alone, as it will also fall short if not seamlessly integrated into a robust management framework. Instead, it suggests an added-value approach to ensure the objectives and needs are understood. Only then can the full capacity of the crack inspection technology be utilized. It includes pre-inspection elements that answer critical questions to allow for optimal system selection. The framework continues to guide the entire process from inspection to integrity, ultimately resulting in a proper threat management plan. It is modular, allowing operators to choose which elements are relevant to them in reaching their objectives and make the decisions needed for safe and efficient pipeline operation. In-house subject matter experts are available to discuss crack assessment directly with operators – ensuring the best solution is found for every unique asset.


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At PETROTECH, we offer a wide range of products and services to help global oil and gas operators ensure the safety, longevity, and performance of their assets. Customers rely on our technology, expertise, and experience, as well as our commitment to inspection, data quality, and integrity management. They trust our skilled team to tackle even the most complex projects safely.


Our goal is to prepare the pipeline industry for future fuels like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. We offer a roadmap with practical processes for integrating these energy sources into the grid, ensuring operators have innovative and sustainable solutions. With our extensive experience in transporting various media, we provide expertise in assessing pipeline integrity for the benefit of your grid.


Our customers in the process industry understand the crucial importance of plant safety and efficiency. That's why they turn to PETROTECH to optimize the integrity and availability of their critical assets, such as storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessels. Additionally, our innovative retrofit-ready PETROTECH EMAT Flowmeter offers precise and stable flow measurement for liquid, gas, steam, and multiphase applications, even in challenging conditions.


We have extended our pipeline inspection expertise to the steel mill, integrating inspection systems into the manufacturing process to assess hot steel plates and pipes as they are produced.

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